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I wish to talk about the realities of my weak and reluctant ESL learners in my present school. No doubt I have been giving much to help them however, some of the outcomes disappoint me. Based on their performance in the recent examination I believe I can conclude that I have three types of weak and reluctant learners:

1. Those who show progress well despite their low proficiency level of English (30%)

2. Those who show some progress in their attempt to pass the SPM English 1119 paper (30%)

3. Those who very little or no progress; as if I have taught them nothing (40%)

Surprisingly, the third group claim they do not want to fail their English subject. However, their attitude reveals they just do not care if they pass or fail the subject. I know I must work harder with this group of learners as I am positive, perhaps, half of them can still make progress, if coached and motivated well. Though their lackadaisical attitude frustrates me, I know I cannot give up.

As the above saying reveals, for some reasons, not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can changed until it is faced. Therefore, we as ESL teachers should always give our best till the finishing line, in shaa Allah. Let's face our weak and reluctant learners! They deserve our attention! Perhaps, we are the only ones who can make the desired change!

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