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There are three model essays shared in this write-up which lower intermediate or weak / galus candidates could use to write their own essays. Using similar questions below, candidates are required to make a number of changes, if possible, as many changes as they can so that the new essay can be claimed as theirs. The following are examples of changes or editing that weak pupils can do:



1.     Change cohesive devices [in all three essays]


2.     Edit existing ideas presented [in all three essays] or present new ideas. For examples:


2.1 In Essay 2, the weak learners can discuss (if group work) and choose a new incident that changed Anita.

2.2 In Essay 3, candidates can discuss and give different reasons why foreign tourists like the resort.

2.3 In Essay 3, candidates can suggest a different aspect that the resort can improve.


3.     Change the details presented [in all three essays]. For examples:


3.1 Names of places that tourists visit [Essay 1, Paragraph 1]

3.2 In Essay 2, the galus candidates can change the time Anita went home.

3.3 In Essay 3, they may change the foreign countries and the name and location of the resort.


4.     Add details [in all three essays]. For examples:


4.1 In Essay 1, Paragraph 3, candidates can include a different challenge when they write their own essay.

4.2  In Essay 1, Paragraph 4, candidates can add their own idea such as this “I do not want to eat alone when I travel”.

4.3 In Essay 3, they can also add the name of the company where she worked and create a new character who was Anita’s officemate.


The shared ideas above are merely suggestions. If the weak candidates can change more, they should do so. Consequently, the new essay, could be 100% theirs. Give them a chance to present their own ideas. If writing alone is a big challenge for them, let them work in groups. The changes they make to the model essays will definitely enhance learner autonomy and increase their engagement and hopefully motivation to write.



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