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Enrichment Practice for SPM 1119 Directed Writing: Report

There are still SPM candidates who fail to score a full mark for format and content points. Some of them are simply careless despite repeated reminders and the examination tips given by the teachers. In this write-up I would like to share the Directed Writing question tested in the recent school-based examination. A model answer is offered. Moreover, comments on weaknesses are also given, together with suggestions on how they can be improved. No doubt, your SPM candidates and mine could be different groups of learners, however, I am positive some of my candidates' weaknesses are common to you too.


You have just returned from a two-day-one-night leadership camp. You are asked to write a report to the principal about the camp. Use the following notes to write your report.

In your report, include the following:

  • Dates and place

  • Number of participants

  • Aim – groom future leaders

  • Accompanying teachers

  • Activities carried out and their benefits:

Do remember to:

  • address the report to the principal

  • set out the report correctly

  • use all the points given

  • give your own ideas as required

  • add any other relevant details




Hopefully, the discussion above will benefit all my SPM 1119 candidates. Be more careful in future and avoid making careless mistakes so that the mark gained could be higher.

You may download these materials:

1. Directed writing question. Click this link.

2. Comments (based on weaknesses) and recommendations and a model answer. Click this link.

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