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If you are required to teach at a non-performing school or you have to face learners who are not even potential C candidates, most probably your teaching life offers a host of challenges. Yes, no doubt, nobody likes to face endless challenges in their ESL classrooms. Of course, it is a monumental task to teach English to weak and reluctant learners. However, as the quotation above highlights, we have to be positive; there are more rooms for us to grow when things are not easy. This is very true.

If you have weak learners who hardly understand a simple text in English, then you have more opportunities to grow professionally compared to those who teach excellent ESL readers. When you challenge yourself to develop a special vocabulary enrichment programme for your weak learners, you have achieved something that you can be proud of. Similarly, you have wider opportunities to grow professionally, enrich your career and widen your horizon when you are able to motivate weak and reluctant learners to write essays through your hard work and undivided commitment. Mind you, not all ESL teachers can develop weak learners' confidence to write!

In short, positivity is all that we need. We have to be thankful for each new challenge because it can and will develop our wisdom as English Language teachers. We should also be grateful to be able to address the challenges we face in our ESL classrooms because the success in dealing with those challenges promises nothing except pure satisfaction and exhilaration of victory.

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