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MELICA stands for Model Essays for Lower Intermediate Candidates of SPM 1119/2. These essays are composed specially for lower intermediate candidates or weak writers of English essays. The model essays use simple and basic vocabulary as well as structures. They also apply simple concepts of presenting ideas such as repetition, creating fictitious characters/places and using logic.

Exposing weak writers of English to sample or model essays can be ONE of the ways of improving their writing skills in SPM. MELICA offers a number of activities which teachers can carry out with their weak writers. The following are some suggested activities which teachers can adopt and adapt to suit their realities; needs, context, learning and teaching styles, availability of time and pupils’ readiness.

i) Give the email question to the candidates. Let them brainstorm on the ideas for each task. At the end of the brainstorming session, the model essay is given to them to be read and analysed.

ii) The model essay is given to the candidates. They are required to underline linking words, connectors or cohesive devices. They are also encouraged to suggest other additional connectors or cohesive devices in the model essay.

iii) The candidates transfer the main idea and details or elaborations from the essay to a suitable mind-map. This activity can allow them to see how each main idea is developed.

iv) In pairs, the candidates can examine the ideas in the model essay. They discuss and suggest other possible ideas and details that can be included to fulfil each task.

v) In groups, the lower intermediate candidates underline the adjectives used in the model essay. They discuss and suggest other adjectives which could be included in the essay.


Other model essays for lower intermediate candidates will be shared in this blog from time to time in future. Do subscribe this blog so that you won’t miss any of the latest sharing of materials.



Subject: Picnic

Hi Amy,

You want to go for a picnic? Great! I love picnic too. We can picnic at Setia Beach next Saturday. It is a very beautiful beach. The water is so clean and clear. You will love this great spot!

Firstly, we can take many photos. Furthermore, we can swim and play with colourful fishes in the sea. Don’t worry, I will bring the foods. Can you bring some drinks? Besides, please bring a ball.

Hope to see you this Saturday. Bye!


[83 words]



Subject: Viral Food court

Hi Adam,

You want to come here next week? Awesome! You are right! There is a popular food court here called Rainbow Food Court. It is very big and clean. Many people love the foods there. Everything is so good. You must try double cheese durian burger. I tried it last week and it was so delicious. My mother loved it too. If you don’t like it, you can eat fried rice or pizza.

This food court is viral after Chef Wan tried the durian burger. He gave the burger A+! He made it viral through his Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon! The durian burger is waiting for you!


[111 words]



Subject: Holiday

Hello Daniel,

Yes, it is time for your short holiday. If you ask me, I wish to go to Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang. I know you love the place too. The beach is beautiful.

My brother, Sam will drive us there. He has a new car. He is happy to join us. Together, we can do many activities. We can swim and play games in the pool. Besides, we can play volleyball too. Moreover, you can take many photos. I know you love to take photos.

Hope you agree with my ideas. Bye!


[93 words]


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