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VOCEP (Vocabulary Enrichment Programme) was developed in 2009 to enrich learners' vocabulary. VOCEP is not really suitable for weak learners as each vocabulary list contains many low frequency words. I have prepared one vocabulary list for each form. Please click these links for the lists; VOCEP FORM 1, VOCEP FORM 2, VOCEP FORM 3, VOCEP FORM 4, VOCEP FORM 5

How to implement? There are no rigid steps here to implement VOCEP. Generally, each vocabulary list can be divided into three parts or phases; Phase 1 (Jan-Mar), Phase 2 (Apr-June) and Phase 3 (July-Sept). Learners should give their best attempt to memorise as many words as possible. Teachers should design simple activities to encourage the use of the words in classrooms. Perhaps, a vocabulary test can also be conducted from in each phase.

If your learners can only memorise 50% of the words in the list, to me, that is an achievement! What if they can memorise more than that? The point here, if our learners learn many new words each year because of our efforts or programme, that will be something that we can be proud of. In fact, their ability and success to widen their vocabulary each year will solve some of their learning problems. With the increased storage of vocabulary, they can understand reading texts better and they are more equipped with low frequency words to write essays.

In reality, how many English teachers offer a vocabulary enrichment programme to their learners? How many teachers develop a programme that allows learners to enrich their vocabulary in a systematic and consistent manner? How many schools implement a vocabulary enrichment programme that involves all English teachers and all learners (Form 1 - Form 5/6)? Well, I do not have the answer. Perhaps, you can tell me.

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