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Tips to Be Creative and Imaginative in Writing Short Messages in SPM 1119/2

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It is indeed very true that many learners, even the potential A candidates have to be coached and guided on how to be creative and imaginative when writing responses for the questions given or fulfilling the tasks assigned to them in Part 1 of SPM 1119/2. Below are common responses given by many candidates and in the last column are the kinds of ideas which are related to the attempt of being creative and imaginative.

Question 1

Obviously, in answering the second question, many candidates tend to give responses like in the second column above. The ideas or responses offered there are not wrong or irrelevant. Beyond doubt, the second task is fulfilled. However, try to put yourself in Stephanie’s shoes. As the reader of those written responses (in the second column), will you get a VERY CLEAR understanding of where you can learn to care about pets? I don’t think so.

Conversely, the ideas or responses offered in the third or last column are different. It is evident they are ideas or details created by the candidates and they are very relevant. In fact, those responses will be appreciated by Stephanie as they contain more specific details which she needs. As far as I am concerned, as teachers, we should guide our learners especially SPM 1119/2 candidates to fulfil their tasks well. No doubt, some of our learners have to be taught, coached and guided in order to be creative and imaginative in writing short communicative messages.

What are the impacts of being creative and imaginative? What are the impacts of including specific details like Cute Puppies YouTube Channel, Smart Pet Shop in Jalan Semantan and Again, please imagine that you are Stephanie who needs help. The responses mentioned in the last column will definitely ensure you get accurate or specific information which can lead you to gain a very clear understanding of the topic (Where do you think I learn to care about pets?).

Ensuring readers to be fully informed or gain a very clear understanding of what is written is absolutely in line with the assessment criterion for content in SPM 1119/2. Therefore, when candidates are creative and imaginative, the reader, teacher or examiner will get clear and accurate details. Consequently, this clarity of ideas which are presented or written by the candidates may reward them with a full mark for Content.

Based on Question 2 below, perhaps, teachers can assign their learners to discuss and write creative responses which should offer readers more accurate information.

Question 2

In essence, what are the tips to be creative and imaginative in writing short communicative messages? They are very simple; create fictitious characters/people, places, locations, websites, awards, achievements and others depending on the tasks or questions given. Whatever ideas which are created by the candidates, they must be relevant to the writing tasks as well as logical.


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