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Based on the analyses of SPM 1119/2 Part 2 of SPM 2021, 2022 and 2023, we can conclude that so far, the pupils were required to describe, explain, justify, and suggest / recommend based on the topics which many of them are less familiar with. I believe there is no short cut to prepare our pupils for Part 2 but all they need will be consistent practices.

To coach pupils so that they can easily accomplish the following learning standards; 4.1.3 Explain the main points for an idea and 4.1.4 Express and respond to real or imagined opinions and feelings, teachers should give questions which would enhance their pupils’ skills and abilities in thinking critically, giving reasons, making suggestions and providing details.

For sure, as teachers you can formulate your own questions / HOTS questions based on topics which are less familiar to your pupils. Let them explore the answers for those questions individually, in pairs or small groups depending on their ability and readiness. Nevertheless, if teachers need questions for enrichment practices, perhaps these questions can be used.

Question 1: Complex problem-solving skills

·        Write about a complex problem which you solved on your own.

·        Why is it important to have complex-problem skills?

·        How can complex-problem skills be nurtured among teenagers?

Question 2: Sustainable lifestyle

·        Describe a sustainable lifestyle that you are familiar with.

·        How can your lifestyle give positive impacts on the environment?

·        What are the effective ways to create awareness among the public to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

Question 3: Public transport

·        Tell about your experience using a public transport recently.

·        Explain the progress in Malaysian public transport system that you have seen so far.

·        In what ways can Malaysians be encouraged to use public transport more frequently?

Question 4: Charity projects and teenagers

·        Describe a charity project at a hospital that you took part.

·        Explain how the project changed your perspective about life.

·        Why should more teenagers be involved in charity projects?

Question 5: Sports and lucrative prizes

·        Describe a final game of a sports that you watched on television.

·        What prizes did the champion of the game win?

·        How far do you agree that a sports champion should receive lucrative prizes? Why?

What can be suitable or effective writing activities based on the five questions above? Beyond doubt, there are many but please allow me to suggest one. Teachers can form five groups and each group is given one of the questions above. Let the pupils write together a complete essay in about 150 words. Later, teacher can photocopy the submitted essays for each pupil in the class. Teacher can lead the critical analysis or discussion of each essay in line with the assessment criteria for writing. For content, let the pupils determine if the ideas and details fulfil the tasks clearly or not. The presentation of straightforward ideas and having descriptive or informative tone can be the emphasis under communicative achievement. Encouraging the pupils to examine linking words and the accurate use of cohesive devices in each essay should be highlighted too. Last but not least, peer checking on grammar and identification of less common lexis are good too for enrichment. If possible, highlighting the complex structures in each essay should also be done especially among potential A candidates.

Teachers, you know better than me what enrichment activities are appropriate for your pupils. As always, let’s keep doing what we can for their progress and success!


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