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When life as ESL teachers becomes real hard, some of us do feel so tired and some of us hardly get back on our feet. We are not teachers with the qualities of a super hero. We cannot pretend we are never defeated. Even the nicest and strongest ESL teachers also have their limits. We are just humans. No matter how strong and kind we are, we do have a breaking point. At times, the challenges faced in school are too monumental and they weaken our heart and mind. We get physically, emotionally and mentally tired.

No doubt, we must always be positive. We cannot make this kind of declaration - “I am done. I just don’t care”. There are always choices for us. Most of the time, we are the best decision makers to decide what option would be the best for us. Perhaps, to treat our physical, mental and emotional fatigue, changing our teaching environment is a good option. Unquestionably, it is much better than just quitting or giving up. It is of paramount importance for us to be able to differentiate between giving up and knowing when we have had enough. The point is, we must never give up! Keep smiling and one day our teaching and learning challenges will get tired of upsetting us.

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