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To prepare candidates especially the intermediate and lower intermediate candidates for Part 1, let’s examine what was tested in the Part 1, SPM 2023. We will look at the writing question of Part 1 and relate it to the learning standards presented in the DSKP. I will also present my personal views based on the analysis done. Let’s get started!

Obviously the three writing tasks above require candidates to perform several different tasks; make a decision, suggest or recommend, justify, convince and give descriptions. Will these tasks be tested in SPM 2024 1119/2? Looking at Part 1 question for SPM 1119/2 in 2021, 2022 and 2023, the answer is most probably, yes. For sure, I cannot give a definite answer because I myself have no idea what will be tested in Part 1 in SPM 2024. Moreover, I am not linked to LPM at all.

However, the analysis shared above and the analysis I did for SPM 2021 and 2022 will be my personal guide to develop my candidates’ skills to make a decision, suggest or recommend, justify, convince and give descriptions. How can teachers prepare their candidates for 2024? Of course, there is no one fixed answer and there is no one possible way. Based on their candidates’ English proficiency and writing ability, teachers may choose what is best or most relevant to them. Perhaps, teachers want to focus on these sub-topics and give tasks such as the following to their candidates:

1.      Likes/ Dislikes / Preferences

1.1   Which hobby is better – cycling or gardening? Why?

1.2   Which sports club should pupils join? (SPM 2021)

1.3   Which part time job should be applied? (SPM 2023)


2.      Activities

2.1   Which house chore you enjoy most? Describe the chore.

2.2   How to help a friend who moves into a new house? (SPM 2022)

2.3   Describe your role as the class monitor.


3.      Programmes / Events

3.1   Which one do you enjoy more – Sports Day or Canteen Day? Why?

3.2   Describe a family reunion.

3.3   Describe your school holiday plan (SPM 2023).


4.      Incidents

4.1   How did you meet your best friend ten years ago?

4.2   How did the accident that caused your cousin to break his arm happen?

4.3   Describe a funny / scary / memorable incident that happened to you recently.


5.      Places

5.1   Where is the viral food court?

5.2   What is special about the theme park?

5.3   Describe a popular healing spot in your hometown.


6.      People

6.1   Who should attend the reunion party?

6.2   Who should be invited to the anniversary dinner?

6.3   Describe an individual who has been your mentor.


7.      Reasoning / Justification / Benefits / Advantages

7.1   Which sports club should pupils join? Why? (SPM 2021)

7.2   Which part time job should be applied? Why? (SPM 2023)

7.3   Why should we exercise regularly?

7.4   What are the advantages / benefits of saving money?

7.5   Why should pupils learn a foreign language?

Note: Teachers may add the sub-headings and edit the tasks suggested above accordingly.

For each of the tasks above, teachers should encourage their candidates to give clear answers. I am positive you have noticed that the tasks suggested above can be divided into seven sub-headings such as activities, events and people. To me, those sub-headings will help teachers and candidates to focus on a few areas. Whatever sub-heading teachers want to focus on, it is important for candidates to fulfil their tasks clearly. Coach the candidates to be descriptive and if they do not have personal experience to relate to, teachers must coach their candidates to be imaginative.

When they attempt to answer the questions above, teachers should ensure that the pupils communicate information, ideas, opinions and feelings CLEARLY. This is in line with the ‘FOCUS’ stated in the DSKP below. Teachers may choose whatever questions or writing tasks for their pupils but please make sure the tasks test the pupils’ ability to communicate information, ideas, opinions and feelings clearly; be as descriptive as possible.


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