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Challenging Pupils’ Thinking Ability through Demanding Writing Tasks


Writing tasks in the SPM 1119/2 can be tough even for proficient writers if they get HOTS questions. No doubt they have the language but some of them lack practice answering HOTS questions. Other candidates, especially the intermediate ones, may need teachers to coach them how to respond to HOTS questions in writing.


The following are three essay questions for Part 3 which incorporate HOTS questions. A model paragraph is provided for each Task 3. Perhaps, teachers can ask their pupils to discuss and suggest ideas first on how to answer each Task 3. They may also write a paragraph based on their discussion. Finally, the model paragraph can be shared with the pupils for them to examine each of the sentences in the paragraph.


For sure, other activities can also be carried out to analyse the model paragraphs critically. What is best for the pupils will depend on a few factors such as their language proficiency, cognitive ability and needs. Teachers know best! Let’s keep preparing them! Let’s keep enhancing their readiness to respond to HOTS questions confidently!   

Model paragraph for Task 3: How far do you agree that having open houses can promote unity in diversity?


                As far as I am concerned, open houses can definitely promote unity in diversity. There is a high potential to uphold unity among guests of multi races because open houses offer the guests opportunities to connect with each other despite coming from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Friendship can be established which later may lead to community bond. Gradually, unity can be fostered and strengthened. (65 words)


Model paragraph for Task 3: In what ways can co-curricular activities influence pupils’ maturity?


                        It is beyond doubt that co-curricular activities can also influence pupils' maturity. First and foremost, activities such as marching, debate and treasure hunting would often require pupils to make plans. Besides, such activities will also demand them to think critically and make decisions collaboratively. There will always be social interactions before a decision is made and this whole process will develop pupils’ maturity as they learn to negotiate with others and tolerate differences. (73 words)  

Model paragraph for Task 3: How can campaigns on social media to create environmental awareness be effective?


                        Campaigns on social media to create environmental awareness are crucial and they should be done effectively. First, the organiser must have a clear objective and know exactly what the campaign should achieve. This would require strategic planning. Moreover, the campaigns through social media must also present the contents in a way that can attract and engage the audience. Most importantly, they understand every single message clearly and the desired awareness is created well. (73 words)

You may download this write-up and edit it accordingly.

Download DOCX • 332KB


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