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As highlighted, MELICA offers model essays for lower intermediate or "halus" / weak learners of English. They are the candidates who may have been failing the SPM 1119 paper yet they still have the ability to write essays using the limited vocabulary that they possess. With this in mind, model essays which mostly use basic vocabulary and include simple and logical ideas, are composed. For sure, the model essays can be adopted and adapted accordingly based on certain factors, needs, contexts or/and circumstances.

The three model essays offered in MELICA Part 4 are three pieces of evidence that can further convince lower intermediate candidates that it is possible for them to compose 200-250 words for Part 3 essay. Based on the requests made by teachers, MELICA Part 4 still focuses on review writing as many teachers believe, review writing could be the easiest question for their weak candidates to focus on in Part 3 of SPM 119/2.

Personally, I do not encourage teachers to merely ask the weak candidates to copy the model essays. Each model essay should be discussed thoroughly and each discussion should have at least one focus. Once the discussion is done, perhaps, the lower intermediate candidates can be asked to copy the essay. I am positive at that juncture, it will be a meaningful copying activity.

The following are practical activities that could be carried out with or reinforced on the weak SPM candidates based on the model essays:

i) Examine the sentence structures. The candidates can be taught to differentiate between simple and complex structures. Certain complex structures in the model essays can be underlined by the candidates. In doing so, teachers must highlight the importance of having some complex structures in their essay.

ii) Revise with the students three different techniques of writing their introduction; questioning (Model Essay 1), repetition (Model Essay 2) and listing (Model Essay 3). Let them apply the techniques in small groups. They write their own introductory paragraphs.

iii) Underline all adjectives in the model essay. In groups, candidates suggest other relevant adjectives that can be used/included.

iv) underline linking words, connectors or cohesive devices. They are also encouraged to suggest other additional connectors or cohesive devices in the model essay.

v) The candidates transfer the main idea and details or elaborations from the essay to a suitable mind-map. This activity can allow them to see how each main idea is developed.

vi) In groups, the candidates can examine the ideas in the model essay. They discuss and suggest other possible ideas and details that can be included to fulfil each task.


1. MELICA stands for Model Essays for Lower Intermediate Candidates of SPM 1119/2.

2. The model essays offered here may not suit all learning and teaching contexts. Perhaps, the model essays also do not meet the expectations of certain teachers. Therefore, teacher's discretion is crucial. Do make changes on your own wherever necessary.

3. The suggested activities may require teachers to adopt and adapt to suit their realities; needs, context, learning and teaching styles, availability of time and pupils’ readiness.

4. Other model essays for lower intermediate candidates will be shared in this blog from time to time in future. Do subscribe this blog so that you won’t miss any of the latest sharing of materials.

Part 3

Write an answer to one of the questions 3 – 5 in this part. Write your answer in 200 – 250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper. Put the question number in the box at the top of the answer space.

Question 4

You recently saw this notice in a magazine.

Novel Review

Have you read any novel lately?

Send us your review of the novel.

Explain the good things about the novel.

Who would you recommend the novel to? Why?

Write your review.

Do you like to read textbooks? Do you like to read magazines? Do you like to read novels? If you can choose, which one do you choose? I choose reading novels. I love to read novels.

I just finished reading a Malay novel. The title of the novel is Pelangi Kejayaan or Rainbow of Success. The author is Meor Hasnan. The novel has 122 pages. The publisher is Kenanga Publishing. It is a new novel.

I like Pelangi Kejayaan a lot. First, the story is very good. The story is about a teenager, Naim who lives in a village. Naim has to face many challenges but he works hard. He works hard to achieve his success. Next, the novel teaches me good lessons. I learn about determination. We must not easily give up when we face challenges. I also learn we must be kind to other people.

I also like the novel because it is not too long. It only has 122 pages. I can finish reading the novel fast. My friend Badri reads the novel in two hours. Besides, it is cheap. It is only RM5.00. I think everybody can buy the novel. Moreover, I like the cover too. The cover is very colourful. There are many colours like the rainbow.

I recommend the novel to all teenagers. I know they have money to buy the novel. The story is interesting. The story teaches many lessons about life. Furthermore, they just need a short time to read the novel.

In conclusion, I give the novel five stars. I love it so much!

[262 words]

Question 4

You recently saw this notice in a magazine.

New Mall Review

Have you been to any mall new lately?

Send us your review of the new mall.

How would you describe your experience visiting the mall for the first time?

Would you recommend it to your classmates? Why?

Write your review.

Mall, mall, mall. My friends and I are very happy when Kemaman has a new mall. The name of the mall is Star Mall. It is located at Jalan Sultan Mahmud. It is a big mall. It was opened last week.

Two days ago, Navin, Vee, Chin, Ghanesh, Husin and I went to Star Mall. There were many people. It was not easy to find a parking but finally we got a parking space. Star Mall. The mall is awesome. Besides, it is also very clean. My friends and fell in love with the mall. To me, it is the best mall in Kemaman. It is better than Cahaya Mall and Kemaman Bay Mall.

I would recommend Star Mall to my classmates. First, there are many shops. I think, the mall has 100 shops. My classmates can do window shopping. Moreover, they can also play bowling or watch movies at the GTX Cinema. The cinema is big. My friends and I watched Spiderman 6 that day.

My classmates must go to the mall because it has the best food court in Kemaman. There are many food stalls. We can eat chicken rice, Thai foods, western foods and fast foods. That day, we enjoyed eating ice-cream. Chin, Vee and I loved the coconut ice-cream. It was so delicious. Navin, Ghanesh and Husin loved strawberry ice-cream.

To conclude, the Star Mall is the best. Everybody must go to the mall. [238 words]

Question 4

You recently saw this notice in a magazine.

School Canteen Review

Are you happy with your school canteen?

Send us your review of your school canteen.

What do you like and dislike about the canteen?

What one special thing about the school canteen that you wish to highlight? Why?

Write your review.

KFC, McDonald, Marrybrown, A&W and Dominos are my favourite brands. I wish my school canteen sells foods like at KFC and McDonald. However, I know I can only dream. It will not be a reality.

I am happy with my school canteen. I am happy because the canteen sells fried chicken. The fried chicken is crunchy and juicy. It is like KFC fried chicken. Beside the great fried chicken, I like my canteen because they sell the best nasi lemak in Langkawi. To me, other nasi lemak in Langkawi cannot beat my school canteen's nasi lemak. Moreover, the canteen workers are friendly. I always get extra rice for my nasi lemak.

What I dislike about my school canteen is the price of foods. My friends, Danny, Kenanga, Zee and Izzat feel the foods are expensive. I have no problem because my father is rich. He gives me RM20 a day for my pocket money. I am sad because some of my friends do not eat at the canteen because they do not have enough money.

Anyway, there is one special thing about the school canteen. They offer 50% discount on all foods and drinks every Tuesday. My friends Danny, Kenanga, Zee and Izzat love to go to the canteen early every Tuesday. They eat the best nasi lemak and fried chickens.

In conclusion, my school canteen is not perfect. It has to improve from time to time. [237 words]


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